“To work towards driving the society to a secure and digital currency leading to a cashless and contactless economy.”


To foster a digital economy with the adoption of digital payments/ transfers and e-receipts by providing a user-friendly, secure interface that operates without transaction costs while striving towards ending the stress that is encountered by inefficient personal budget planning.”

About the App

AVI is a digital wallet that enables peer to peer transfers and payments to businesses. Payments and transfers are incentivised through coupons and discounts. We strive towards making P2P transfers secure and quick process. By further digitising the user experience we provide users with digital receipts with complete transfer details.

Transfers can be made between any two AVI account holders by scanning the QR code physically, sending money through the app by choosing AVI account holders. Users can also request money by sharing AVI link along with the requested amount through sms, email or whatsapp.

The QR Code is unique to every user and securely saves the bank details of the user. It is a securely encrypted QR code to enable the digital wallet.

Features of the App

Debit/ Credit Card Scan

Peer to Peer money transfer

Storage of E-Receipts



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